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Our lovely stockists the Cotswold Eco Company are this month’s Sustainability Spotlight. They sell wonderful, carefully curated eco-essentials & gifts for sustainable living. Emily has provided our community a discount code for the Cotswold Eco Company. Use the code EKO10 for 10% off all their full price products!

We asked Emily some questions about running their business, sustainability and ekologik!

Q: What made you start the Cotswold Eco Company?

A: As a family we have slowly been making eco-swaps over the last few years, at times it has felt quite overwhelming as there is a lot of choice out there and often difficult to know which products actually work and are genuinely better for the environment. We want to cut through the noise and make it easy for busy families and households to feel confident in making simple and affordable eco-swaps, at a pace that they feel comfortable with.

Q: What do you think is the easiest sustainable swap someone can make and what's been the hardest for you?

A: Our first swap was beeswax wraps and I think this really ignited the spark for how easy it can be; our Cotswold Eco wraps are one of our top-selling products and we specifically sourced a UK supplier (who is a mum of 4 herself!) where we could keep the product as affordable as possible.  With our first baby we really struggled with cloth nappies, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information and opinions online.  We have since worked out a much better system with our second child and have found it to be easier and money-saving - I've purposefully curated a very small selection of cloth nappies for our store, companies that uphold our values and ones we personally use and love!

Q: What's been your favourite part of setting up your plastic-free/eco-friendly store?

A: My background is in product and supplier management, so I have absolutely loved researching and sourcing the very best eco-products for our store. Working with suppliers who are so passionate about what they do is a real joy!

Q: Thank you for stocking ekologik. What did you like about our products?

A: Kaye's passion and commitment to the development of the product and giving back to the community is really inspirational. We love how every single element and detail of the product is so well-thought out and designed. Plus the products really do work effectively and are such a simple and affordable eco-swap to make!

Thank you Emily for answering our questions and providing a beautiful insight into your lovely business!

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