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Toilet Cleaner Refill

An impressive eco-friendly thickened Toilet Cleaner, keeping your toilet clean and your bathroom fresh.

Our formulation contains Guar bean and Citric acid, we present to you the greenest and affordable solution to toilet cleaning.

£3.20 for 1 pod and bottle when you select 'With bottle' below.

Scent: Peppermint – cooling fragrance of peppermint with bursts of geranium providing the slightest floral notes.

Refill your cleaning sprays with the refill pods and use the stickers provided to label your bottles. We recommend 1 pod per 500ml of water.

Save when you order a multi-pack of 3.

2% of each sale is donated to Surfers against Sewage.

Our stickers and small cardboard boxes (containing pods) are compostable, dispose of these in your food waste bin, or black waste bin as they will compost in landfill. We recommend tearing up the packaging into tiny pieces in order to speed up the composting process.


Where you buy multiple pods, we will try to place as many in one box to limit the amount of packaging that we use. 

We care about the planet:

How it works:


Add sachet


With warm water


For 20 seconds


Apply to cloth and clean

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