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Everything starts with a story right? Well here's the one behind ekologik.

We are a family business and have successfully been producing and selling plastic-free cleaning pods for the past 25 years to the commercial cleaning market from our factory in Bristol, UK.

In 2021, with a goal of making these sustainable and effective products more accessible to the masses, Kaye developed a new range of plastic-free products to help everyone eliminate single-use plastic! ekologik pods have been referred to as next generation cleaning, containing all the ingredients required to create a powerful cleaning solution. ekologik products are the sustainable and effective alternative to liquid cleaners typically packaged in single-use plastic.

As a UK business, we are proud to keep our supply chains short and create our unique formulations and products with the help of our in-house chemist. Importantly, all of our products are tested and certified to industry standards so you can guarantee effective cleaning.

Our products, although small in size, create powerful solutions that don’t compromise on cleaning power. ekologik's expanding range are designed to suit a variety of needs, whether that’s for home, business or outdoor use.

At ekologik we are passionate about making our products easy to use and affordable. Our goal is to leave no one with an excuse not to make the switch to ekologik.

"Once added to water and agitated, ekologik pods create powerful cleaning solutions"