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Kaye - Founder of ekologik

Camping, hiking and biking are my passions. I love the outdoors and it’s amazing to develop a range of products that preserve the environment I spend most of my time in. In between periods of travelling I have lived in London, where I worked in marketing and events, and moved I back to my home town of Bristol in 2020. In recent years I felt a pull to concentrate my career on a subject that I have always been passionate about... sustainability. 

I studied Geography at Sheffield University and focused my studies on how we communicate and collaborate towards a sustainable future. As a conscious consumer, I believe that in order to minimise our impact on the environment, sustainable products need to be made accessible to us.

I found 3 factors restricting us from committing to new, sustainable alternatives (these are highlighted below). In my mission to leave no one with an excuse not make the switch, ekologik products overcome all 3. 

1) High prices. There is a myth that ‘sustainable = expensive’. I don’t believe that for an essential act like cleaning we should be spending extortionate amounts on sustainable alternatives. We make ekologik pods in the UK, with a small supply chain, keeping costs and carbon low. By making ekologik products more affordable we hope to encourage all consumers to make the swap. 

2) Ineffectiveness. In the past, most of the eco cleaning products that I have purchased were ineffective and made false claims regarding their components. Other cleaning pods I tried would also leak, require me to touch the concentrated chemicals and would more often than not, be highly ineffective cleaners (compared to the plastic, liquid cleaners we are used to).

3) Time/effort consuming. As busy people we want convenient solutions. If that solution also helps us to minimise our environmental footprint... then that's a bonus!  Personally, learning new ways to mix lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda together to make a ‘natural’ toilet cleaner, was just too much of a faff for me. I wanted an effective, easy to use product that took no time to make up.

By overcoming these three barriers, ekologik pods leave no one with an excuse not to make a sustainable swap. #iteskologik 

Martha joined the business in February 2022 to help me spread the word that sustainable products can be affordable, effective and easy to use. 

About Martha

Growing up, I was always conscious of the environment, I was increasingly aware of the climate crisis and how we all need to be doing more. At 17 I became vegan and have lived a very sustainable lifestyle into adulthood. Working for ekologik means that my beliefs and lifestyle reflect into my job, which I am so grateful for. Working every day for ‘good’ motivates me to excel in my job. Every day, we strive to help people to eliminate single-use plastic, as well as providing education on sustainability and affordable eco-living.

Having a background in Social Policy and teaching means I am particularly aware of the social issues that affect the poorest in society. With the current cost of living crisis, it feels increasingly poignant that I am able to make a significant social impact at work with the array of charity donations that ekologik gives.

Outside of work I spend every minute with friends and family, I love being surrounded by good people and spending time in the great outdoors. 

Us as friends!

We both love the outdoors, swimming, walking and paddle-boarding and often take Skye, Kaye's Golden Retriever along with us (she's basically one of the team!).

In addition to building a circular business we also share clothes with each other and our friends through clothes swaps. Here’s a photo of us not in our hiking gear, in the same dress: on the left, Kaye wore as a wedding guest! On the right, Martha wore for her delayed graduation!

Thank you for checking out ekologik!

Kaye, Martha and Skye x


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