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Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people to reduce or remove plastic from their day to day lives. At ekologik, we help people to reduce their single-use plastic at home by creating solutions that mean people have no excuse to buy single-use plastic in their cleaning routine. 

Making swaps to plastic-free alternatives is easy! To celebrate Plastic Free July, we thought we’d share our favourite plastic-free swaps for the Bathroom, Kitchen and Outdoors. Enjoy!...


  • Bamboo Toothbrush- This one is easy! Swap to a bamboo toothbrush which will take a fraction of the time to decompose. You can buy these in supermarkets, refill shops or online!

  • Reusable Cotton Pads- swap to material ones that you can wash over and over again to prevent buying disposable, single-use cotton pads!

  • KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Instead of buying a plastic bottle, we recommend using KIND2 shampoo and conditioner bars. These palm-oil free bars last for ages and they offer a small bar, which means you can test the product before you buy the full sized one! KIND2 bars are so effective, even on long and thick hair. This is a fantastic business which we love supporting! Check them out here.

  • ekologik Toilet Cleaner Pod. At ekologik, we sell a plastic-free pod that you can refill your old Toilet Cleaner bottle with. It's an effective, thickened and powerful Toilet Cleaner and means that you never have to buy a plastic bottle to clean your loo, again! 

  • ekologik Bathroom Cleaner Pod. Finally, we have to recommend the ekologik Bathroom Cleaner. It has the most refreshing scent and leaves your bathroom surfaces sparkling clean. 

  • Kitchen:

  • ekologik’s Multi-purpose Cleaner Pods. This spray can be used on all hard surfaces in your home. It is so effective, even on glass, mirrors and stainless steel. The holy grail product of cleaning!

  • Composty Kitchen Sponges. We LOVE these sponges. Composty are a family business who sell plastic-free and compostable sponges.The sponges are more abrasive than the plastic alternative and are therefore more effective! Once you’re finished with it, you just pop it in your compost waste!

  • ekologik’s Washing Up Pods. Our pre-dosed Washing Up Pods ensure that all of your dishes are left sparkling clean. They prevent the need to transport water and plastic, reducing carbon emissions significantly! Read on to find their uses on your summer holiday… 

  • Outdoors:


  • Reusable water bottle. The easiest swap! Carry a reusable water bottle and reduce the demand for plastic production by not buying a plastic bottle! You can always ask restaurants, pubs or cafes to fill up your bottle!

  • ekologik’s Washing Up Pods. These are a unique product, designed with adventure in mind! They are super lightweight and mean you don’t have to carry heavy washing up liquid. If you need to wash up once on your trip, you can carry one, minute, 8g pod!

  • Plastic Freedom’s Portable Folding BBQ. We love this plastic-free marketplace for finding sustainable products, gifts and food! This BBQ is a perfect item for a sustainable, summer evening in the great outdoors. We have used it in the mountains and on the beach and can’t wait for our next adventure with our Plastic Freedom BBQ!


     At ekologik, we have loved sharing plastic-saving tips this Plastic Free July! Each sale of our plastic-free pods helps people to reduce their single-use plastic. ekologik means that people have no excuse to buy single-use plastic in their cleaning routine!

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