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Our next Sustainability Spotlight features the Plastic Free Shop. The Plastic Free Shop is another Bristol business! They are an online plastic free shop, who source ethical and sustainable alternatives to plastic; helping us reduce the amount of plastics in our everyday lives. They have been stockists of ekologik since we launched and they have supported us ever since! We asked the Plastic Free Shop some questions…

Q: What made you start The Plastic Free Shop?

Cath had the idea for The Plastic Free Shop in 2017 after trying to reduce plastic in her own home, and discovering how tricky it was to find good quality plastic free products. She felt that if it was hard for her, someone was going to have to do something about it, and that person was going to have to be her!

Q: What do you think is the easiest sustainable swap someone can make?

We find the easiest swaps are the ones that are really convenient. We all know that feeling of wanting to make a change, but if it isn’t convenient, it is really hard to do or to keep going. So, swapping disposable razors for a lovely traditional razor is quite an easy swap because it is more convenient to never need to buy another razor than to have to continually buy new packs!

Q: What is a swap that people find difficult to make?

Likewise, some of the hardest swaps are ones which folk perceive to be quite major, regardless of how tricky they actually are. For example, people are often quite reluctant to try using shampoo and conditioner bars, but once they find one they like, they tend to really love them!

Q: What's your favourite part of running your plastic-free shop?

My favourite part is helping people discover something new that works for them and which can make a big difference to the environment. It’s that ‘aha’ moment, when people realise that they can make a difference.

Q: What's your most popular product on The Plastic free shop?

Our top product is our Denttabs – a plastic free alternative to toothpaste. They are a bit of a marmite product – many people absolutely love them, while others prefer regular toothpaste – but overall, they are a huge winner with our customers!

Q: Thank you for stocking ekologik, what do you/ your customers say/like about our products?

We’ve been stocking ekologik products since they first launched, and they very quickly hit our top ten and have stayed there. Our customers absolutely love ekologik (as do we!) because they really are one of those wonderful yet ‘obvious once you think about it’ products which make so much sense! The fact that they work brilliantly and are a really good price makes it super easy for everyone to try using them too!

Check out The Plastic Free Shop!

If you believe ekologik would be a good fit for your shop, send us a message on

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