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Sustainable swaps for outdoor adventures

Looking to make your camping trip more sustainable? We have compiled some tips and tricks to make your adventure as green as the nature around you. 

Don’t buy new!

A knack to staying sustainable is simply to not buy anything new! At ekologik we advocate for reusing! Reuse is the new recycle. If you can avoid buying something then do: we recommend using what you already have, mending what you already have, borrowing things from friends or renting equipment! This could range from waterproofs, trangias, tents and even consider renting a van instead of buying your own. Borrowing and buying second-hand is not the current norm of the consumer age we are living through, but it is what people have done for centuries and it is the attitude we need to regain, for the sake of our planet. There are many places you can rent equipment from, we love the work that ‘Quirky Campers’ and ‘Peter Pan Campervan’ do in the van rental market. ekologik also massively advocates for buying second hand; we are always surprised at what you can find on second hand sites such as ebay and vinted and obviously a good old-fashioned charity shop!

Stay Local

If you have camping locations nearby, try hiking to them! You will save petrol, cost and it will be an adventure. Alternatively, if you are heading to a new destination, explore the area on foot, as opposed to driving around. Also, check out the local produce shops to ensure that the food hasn’t travelled far to reach your mess-tin! Think of small ways in which you can keep your carbon footprint to a minimum while enjoying your camping adventure.


Avoiding single-use plastic

Shameless self promotion alert! However, ekologik has its own plastic-free Washing Up Pods! I found that when I was using my own van or camping, I was stuck for sustainable alternatives when washing my dishes. There seemed to be nothing on the market to replace washing up liquid which is undoubtedly effective, yet heavy to carry around, sticky if it spills in your bag and contained in single-use plastic! It goes without saying that when camping, it’s crucial to pack light and carry only the most efficient products. Therefore I decided to design my own Washing Up Pod! The ekologik Washing Up Pod is entirely plastic free, pre-dosed for one bowl of hot and foamy water (up to 10 litres), and highly effective at removing dirt and grime. Pre-dosed pods are also much better for the environment than the washing up liquid alternative, which we tend to overuse. If you are camping for 3 days you could take 3 pods, taking up no space at all! You’d be surprised at what else they can wash, too! 


If you need to buy new shoes for your trip, consider buying second-hand. Alternatively, look for certified companies who can be sure to provide you with sustainable, long lasting and comfortable shoes. At ekologik, we recommend Vivo Barefoot, who are a B-corp certified company and we love their mission. They seek to reconnect people and the planet. They even have a re-vivo initiative which prevents their shoes from ending up in landfill; where they repair and resell shoes that are sent back after the customer has finished with them. We love the fact that Vivo have such fantastic environmental morals and their shoes are durable, better for your health and made from sustainable materials. We recommend their walking and hiking range of products and we can vouch for their brilliance! You can usually get some discount codes on the products too, meaning they are slightly more affordable. 


Go to eco-campsites

There are multiple eco-campsites in the UK that provide low-climate-impact and sustainable camping. TheGreener Camping Club has certified 120 campsites across the UK. For every member who signs up to the Greener Camping Club, they plant a tree which they hope begins to offset the inevitable carbon emitted from even the greenest of camping trips. Starting here would be a great idea when choosing a location for an environmentally friendly camping holiday. 


Leave No Waste behind (this is our simplest tip!)

To ensure to complete your camping holiday in the most green fashion, ensure to clean up after yourself. We always bring compostable bin liners with us to dispose of any rubbish we’ve accumulated. The only sign you’ve been there should be muddy footprints!

ekologik are here to help you create a cleaner environment, inside and out. We hope our tips have encouraged you to think a bit more sustainably about your upcoming adventures. Enjoy! 

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