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Why is it important to buy products like ours that are made in the UK?

At ekologik, we are proud that our products are made in the UK. We believe that the most environmentally friendly product is the one that has incurred the lowest mileage from production, to arriving at your door. 

Here are the many benefits to a product being made in the UK:

Carbon emissions

The production and transport of imported goods from overseas makes up 46% of the UK’s carbon emissions, although as this carbon was emitted overseas, it is not included in the UK’s official national recordings, or included in the net zero goal. If you buy products that are produced in the UK, you are considerably lowering the carbon footprint of the product. At ekologik, we produce our products in the UK. Additionally, compared to the liquid, plastic cased alternatives, we remove the need to transport water and plastic, reducing the transportation emissions by 95%. 

We stock in many independent shops across the UK and encourage people to shop locally where they can. Shopping locally also reduces the carbon emissions and air pollution of a product, and generally requires less packaging. When shopping in independent stores, you also support the local economy. What’s not to like?

Job Creation

In a post-Brexit Britain with the closure of many manufacturing plants, it is more important than ever to provide jobs for our local communities. At ekologik we manufacture our pods in the hometown village of our founder, Kaye. The team is small but it guarantees that relations and communications are close. As the team expands, we will advertise jobs to the local community, continuing to reduce carbon emissions with a small commute! 


When supply chains are shorter, you can guarantee that the quality of production is extremely high. At ekologik, we ensure that all of our products are extremely effective, resulting in a fantastic customer return. There is very little room for error with our supply and production chain. We use our own chemists and machine technicians to produce our plastic-free pods and use local manufacturers, for example the company who print our labels is five miles away from our office! We can personally guarantee that quality control is rigorous!

Kaye, Martha and our brilliant production team produce high quality, British-made products which are low emission, plastic and palm oil free. ekologik is a next generation cleaning company and we provide the most sustainable solution to cleaning.


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