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Lydia has supported our business from day one of ekologik launching and has done a great job at spreading the word about ekologik's benefits to friends, family and even her local refill shop - who are now stockists of ours! She lives a very sustainable lifestyle and so we thought it would be a great opportunity to interview her and showcase her on our platform!

Here’s what we asked:

Q: What made you start your eco journey?

A: Growing up in beautiful Wales and being part of the scouting movement as a teenager gave me a huge appreciation of the great outdoors. Hiking in the Brecon Beacons, kayaking on the Wye River and camping in St Davids made me realise that I loved being in nature. This influenced my decision to study a degree about the environment at university.


Q: What do you think is the easiest sustainable swap someone can make?

A: The easiest sustainable swap is not swapping at all but using what you already have. Use what you already own over and over. Don’t buy an eco version of something you already have in the house. For example, if you already have a hair brush, don’t buy an organic bamboo hairbrush because you think it’s sustainable. Use the plastic bags you have in the drawer instead of buying the fashionable netted bags eco influencers are using. So my favourite sustainable swap is the thing you didn’t buy.


Q: What is a swap that people find difficult to make?

A: The most difficult swap for me is a switch to an electric car. Most sustainable swaps don’t cost any more if you’re clever about it. But electric cars don’t fall into that category, they are outside of a normal person’s price range and I’m still waiting for them to become more affordable.


Q: What’s your favourite thing to stock up on when heading to a refill shop?

A: Seasonal treats! I love seeing what is new at my local refill shop because they often have seasonal goodies for a short period of time. My refill shop had the most amazing vegan mini eggs at Easter time!


Q:Thank you for using ekologik, what do you like about our products?

A: I am all for making life easier and getting grocery deliveries work well for my lifestyle. So I love that I can also have my cleaning products delivered knowing that the carbon emissions are lower because they don’t transport the water which is usually in cleaning products. The pods also have helped me to eliminate single-use plastic from my cleaning routine. 

Thank you to Lydia for giving us this insight into her eco life!

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