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We all want to be more sustainable, however, nobody likes change. Changing our lifestyle habits is inconvenient and unsettling. Plastic packaging floods the cleaning product market and this is unsustainable. But in terms of cleaning products, sustainable or plastic-free alternatives are often very different products and used in a different way to what we’re used to. Unfortunately this can be a huge barrier to making sustainable choices.

Changing to more sustainable household items needs to be easy. We need options where consumers can continue their current usage habits, with an alternative that does not harm the planet. In our eyes, an easy swap is required to encourage customers to adopt new solutions and eradicate single use plastic.

We have compiled a list of simple sustainable swaps that do not require any effort. 

1) Compostable kitchen sponges 

Instead of buying kitchen sponges from a supermarket which are made from plastic and will go to landfill, try buying some compostable sponges. Compostable sponges are made from natural materials which means they can go in your food-waste bin after you’ve finished using them! They last a very long time and are effective against dirt and grime! They are widely available online, in your local refill shop or if you’re lucky, your supermarket will stock them!

(p.s. Natural sponges look much nicer in your kitchen than the questionable yellow and green ones).

2) Toilet Cleaner

We recommend this one as it’s the easiest swap. ekologik’s effective and thickened Toilet Cleaner is a best seller due to its simplicity and similarity to toilet cleaners that customers are used to. ekologik proves that eco-friendly cleaning products do not sacrifice efficiency over sustainability. Switching to ekologik Toilet Cleaner is simple and you are not required to change your lifestyle habits in order to make this easy, sustainable swap. We offer a bottle for life with our Toilet Cleaner refill for £3.20, you can take the hassle out of buying cleaning products by purchasing our products on subscription (this ensures that you never run out and panic buy plastic!). Be prepared with ekologik and make the switch, today.

3) Silicone baking sheet

This is a simple swap because once you’ve bought it once, you’ll never have to buy it again! Silicone sheets are a fantastic alternative to tin-foil or baking paper and have many uses in your kitchen. You can bake cookies on it or use it on a tray to roast veggies! They are dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again. You’ll never run out of tin-foil or baking paper again!

4) Using glass condiments rather than plastic bottles!

This one requires very little effort! Instead of reaching for the plastic bottle in the supermarket, reach for the glass one. This will ensure that you’re cutting down on your plastic use and you are more likely to reuse a glass jar than a plastic bottle which has been squeezed and misshapen! We recommend using your glass jars to: make salad dressings (it makes a great shaker), storing veg in water to keep it fresh, for packed-lunch to take little snacks such as nuts or seeds, or to take your jars to the refill shop to fill up with zero waste goodies such as oats, chia seeds, nutritional yeast or veg stock!

Sustainable, easy and effective options are out there. ekologik allows you to be eko and logical at the same time. #itsekologik

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