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I believe that you can have it all: effective, affordable, eco-friendly cleaning products that benefit you and the planet

The facts

I calculated that if every household in the UK replaced one plastic cleaning product in their home with a plastic-free alternative, we would save 27.8 million plastic bottles from being produced, equating to 1,390 tonnes of plastic!

If that plastic-free alternative was one concentrated pod that required the customer to use the water in their home, we would also save an additional 21 million litres of water from being transported around the UK.

Making the change

These facts astounded me and only represented one product swap, so I began the hunt for sustainable cleaning products, asking myself why more people hadn't made the switch.

It didn't take me too long to find out why..

. • The products on the market were not as effective as the single-use options I had previously been using. In my opinion, cleaning products should clean!

• I found the cost of many eco alternatives on the shelves to be quite literally out of reach.

• I struggled with changing my habits too drastically. Using baking soda to create an eco cleaner can work for some people, but with a busy lifestyle, the process didn't work for me.

So in 2021 I decided to take the plunge

Using my educational background in sustainability, my flare for marketing and adoration for the environment, I set myself the challenge to launch a range of plastic-free cleaning pods. The pods had to be sustainable and effective enough to make even me shake off old habits and choose the more sustainable option.

My mission at ekologik is to leave no one with an excuse not to make a sustainable switch. Along with a team of experts I have designed all of ekologik’s products to suit a variety of needs (whether that’s for home, business or outdoor use). Our pods are all made in Bristol, UK and overcome the key barriers that initially restricted me from changing my old habits.

"Once added to water and agitated, ekologik pods create powerful cleaning solutions"