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Neutral Floor Cleaner

5 x plastic-free floor cleaning pods.

Designed for cleaning sensitive flooring. Effective on wooden, porous and treated or coated flooring.

A powerful and effective zero waste floor cleaning pod.

The scent is Lavender leaving a refreshing fresh fragrance after application.

Suitable for mops and buckets and domestic floor cleaners.

Biodegradable formulation, free from harsh chemicals. Benefits the planet and works for you. 

1 pod is effective in up to 5 litres of water.

Drop, Fill, agitate, clean.

The packaging is compostable and should be disposed of in your food waste bin, or black waste bin as they will compost in landfill. We recommend tearing up the packaging into tiny pieces in order to speed up the composting process. To compose in the food waste bin, the stickers need to be removed. 

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