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We are lucky enough to have interviewed the incredible David Haze, who is a world record holding Stand Up Paddleboarder (SUP)! Not only this, but David strives to be a net-zero adventurer. David has completed some incredible adventures SUPing, his most recent being an entirely carbon neutral trip over five, challenging days. We recently donated some products to his fundraiser and were delighted when he agreed to be interviewed for our sustainability spotlight. Thank you David for the brilliant interview and your advocacy for sustainability.

Q: How did you get into SUPing?

A: Growing up I loved adventure, especially with anything that involved the ocean. I surfed from a early age and I remember one day I was a man standing on a board and crossing the water like he was walking on water. I gave it ago an instantly fell in love with paddle. I love the extra sense of freedom it brings and the chance to reconnect with myself. However, I lost touch with my sense of adventure and after going through a really low point in my life, I found hope and purpose once again through adventure and SUP.

Q: What achievements do you already have from SUPing?

A: My first ever SUP challenge involved me paddling 50km across open water with a baby oak tree on my board which I planted and raised money for ‘The Prince's Trust’. From there I have gone on to achieve 7 SUP world records for the fastest time paddled across the longest lake in Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Southern Ireland, Loch Ness and down the river Thames. As well as that I have achieved the world’s first completely carbon neutral environmentally friendly expedition.

Q: What made you want to do this carbon neutral trip?

A: As someone who lives to be on the water and in the great outdoors, I have a duty to protect what my life is evolved around. With that said, I remember when I attempted my first ever world record on Loch Awe in the Highlands in Scotland, a place so remote and full of beauty. I remember looking at the side of the Loch and it was untouched by man, such a rarity these days and then all of a sudden, I saw a coke bottle and thought "how is this possible?". That sat uncomfortably with me and one day I decided to take action and create ‘The Great Green Paddle’.

Q: What steps were made to make this trip carbon neutral?

A: So much research went into the project to make sure it was done correctly and worked with the brands who fitted with my ethos. It truly has been an educational journey and 2 things I learnt very quickly is it’s pretty much near impossible to be 100% eco friendly and secondly, if a company says they are environmentally friendly, take a quick look to see how they off set their footprint and that will tell you everything. I only worked with brands who did everything they could to protect our planet and as a result of that, I found so many companies and going forward I am going to make sure I am a net-zero adventurer!

Q: Please can you let us know the best way for people to follow your expeditions?

A: People can follow me on social media (@nomadicpaddler) or by visiting my My next challenge will be taking me to Iceland and as I have to fly, I will be offsetting my footprint by planting 100 trees in a prison to inspire growth, rehabilitation and connecting to nature.

Thanks so much, David, for your interview. You are an inspiration to many. Keep up the good work!

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