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Hello, welcome to ekologik!

Without wishing to be too eco-warrior-esque, we thought we’d use our first ekologik blog to explain how we makeour full range of shake-and-spray sachets environmentally friendly, and why they’re a great option for individuals and families looking to be greener and cleaner with their household cleaning supplies.

Before we jump in, it’s worth having a quick chat about microplastics; more specifically, what they actually are… 


What is a microplastic?

Within National Geographic’s blog on microplastics they state that

“Microplastics aretiny plastic particles that result from both commercial product development and the breakdown of larger plastics. As a pollutant, microplastics can be harmful to the environment and animal health.”

As part of ekologik’s pledge to create a cleaner environment inside and out, we feel proud to have developed a cleaning solution that completely avoids plastic waste.

Traditional Cleaning Products: Plastic & Disposable

Traditionally, household multi-purpose, bathroom and other general cleaning sprays have been distributed via big supermarkets in single-use plastic containers – often covered in branded plastic wrap. Not only do most of these containers make their way into landfills (not least because their combination heads are difficult to recycle) the transport of such pre-dosed single-use bottles also leaves a huge carbon footprint. Considering most household cleaning formulations are made up of 90% water, there’s a huge cost - both to the customer and the environment - in distributing pre-mixed cleaning products.

Ekologik Cleaning Products: Low Waste, Vegan & Biodegradable

Ekologik's plant-derived formulations are packaged within water-soluble, biodegradable PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) sachets and can be delivered direct to your door.


Every element of our packaging (including the labels) are plastic free, FSC- certified and 100% compostable. You can even deposit your boxes and labels on the compost heap. Our refill packs include pods in their concentrated form – ready to be sprayed around the house after simply adding water and shaking -they’re just a fraction of the size, and a fraction of the carbon footprint, of traditional household cleaning products. 

Not only this, but in providing customers with just one bottle to be used and refilled, we eradicate the plastic consumption for domestic cleaning products over the course of a lifetime. We do not test any of our formulations on animals, and we constantly refine our processes to balance what’s effective with what’s good for the environment. 


Ultimately, ekologik is striving for three things: 


  • The first is that all of our formulations are designed to compete with industry leading brands– we produce powerful and effective solutions. 
  • The second is that all our products contribute towards a safer, greener and cleaner planet. 
  • The third is cost.We want our products to be the easiest sustainable swap. We don’t focus on the brightest packaging, but we do want to create  products that do a great job at cleaning - cleaning your home, and cleaning our planet.


Here to help you live life cleaner.

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