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We all need to be more mindful in our approch to reducing single-use plastic use in our homes. Below are some tips to highlight how we can adopt eco-friendly cleaning practices which will help us do our bit, without generating mountains of waste. 


Your cleaning bottles should now be designed for refill, not landfill.


To eliminate single-use plastic in the home, the simplest way is to stop buying more. The ekologik refill system is designed to encourage consumers to turn their old cleaning products into bottles for life. Our plastic-free stickers, that come with our refill packs can be placed on any 500ml bottle in your home and they have been designed to look great if left on the counter too.


Use concentrated products.


The most eco-friendly approach to cleaning involves using the resources we currently possess. One of those resources is water! Why transport it when we can have a cleaning solution after simply adding water to a pod and shaking?

There are so many environmental benefits to switching up your cleaning routine and using cleaning pods. ekologik products are just a fraction of the size and a fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional cleaners. Eliminating dirt, grime and single-use plastic.


Purchase products thoughtfully.


One of the easiest ways to start being more eco-friendly in the home is to begin by looking at the products you are using. Research where the products come from and always look out for statements such as the ‘Made in the UK’ stamp, as local manufacturing will always have a lower impact on the environment. At ekologik, we produce our plastic-free pods in the UK, and when setting up the business I sourced local suppliers (for example, our label supplier is only 10 minutes down the road from the office)! Additionally, if your purchase can also benefit an environmental cause this is a bonus. I wanted our customers to benefit from quality products and support an environmental cause. Therefore, 2% of every sale goes towards Surfers Against Sewage assisting the charity in its mission to eliminate plastic pollution.


 Less is more.


Try to reduce the amount of cleaning products that you purchase and find solutions that cover more than one area of cleaning. ekologik’s Multi-Purpose Cleaner is designed to work on all surface areas including glass. This was designed with the planet in mind, but also saves space in the cleaning cupboard.


Turn old rags into dusters.


The cloths that you clean your home with really don’t need to be anything special. You can simply reduce waste by using part of an old gym top to dust the living room. That is one item removed from landfill without you even thinking.


Look out for packaging

Often overlooked, but when disposing of the products or their packaging, make sure to dispose of them in the correct way. Also, try to purchase products with eco-friendly packaging or are 100% zero waste solutions. There are some great cleaning sponges on the market that are also designed to biodegrade after us!


As part of ekologik's mission to create a cleaner environment inside and out we want to help households move away from using cleaners packaged in single-use plastic.

Our expanding product range of refill packs contain pods in their concentrated form, ready to be used around the house after simply adding water and shaking.

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