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ekologik will help you leave the planet a little better than how you found it.

Our mission to remove plastic pollution also spans to preventing ocean pollution, conserving biodiversity in our oceans and protecting marine life from further damage. This is why we have partnered with Surfers Against Sewage.

2% of every sale will be donated to the charity, supporting them in their mission to prevent plastic waste from polluting our planet.

When we refer to ‘our sales’, this is all the money that the company makes before expenses are deducted. It can also be referred to as turnover or revenue.

By committing to a sales-based donation, we are fully committing to guarantee a substantial donation every month. No matter how much we spend on growing our business, we’ll still be able to give a reliable, generous donation to charity.

While 2% of sales, may sound like nothing to 10% of profits, 2% of our total sales is usually more generous than 10% of profits. You can look at is as if we are giving a smaller percentage of a much bigger pie. Overall, every customer is donating through their purchase, which we thought was awesome.

Watch this space for some organised beach cleans soon! 


Ocean and Climate petition 

The ocean is under threat from human activity. Alongside the destruction caused by deep-sea mining, unsustainable fishing and pollution; climate change is causing ocean temperatures and acidity levels to rise dramatically. These changes are driving marine ecosystems and species to extinction and putting populations here in the UK, and across the world, at extreme risk.

Through protection and rewilding, marine environments can be restored to tackle climate change and help communities adapt to the climate impacts we can no longer prevent.

As the hosts of COP26, the UK government has a responsibility, to our blue planet and the populations who depend on it, to make sure the ocean is at the forefront of climate change negotiations. Surfers Against Sewage have created the ocean and climate petition.

You can find out more information here.



Here to help you live life cleaner.

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